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As our parents age, they often face a life transition due to changing health needs, finances, downsizing or end of life. As children, these transitions become our Parent Projects.  

Most people become family caregivers with little to no knowledge or firsthand experience. Assuming responsibility for care planning, legal and financial issues, and managing age-related health conditions—all while juggling your own life—is enough to make any caregiver think “what have I gotten myself into?”

Parent Projects™ Podcast is a resource of stories, interviews and tips to help families replace the guilt and fear with love and laughter.

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Tony Siebers


Planning Ahead for Legal Matters

While it’s important for everyone to plan for the future. Legal plans are especially vital for a person diagnosed with dementia. Why plan ahead? Early planning allows the person with dementia to be involved and express his or her wishes for future care and decisions....

Memory Care Resources for Veterans

Receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be devastating for both seniors and their loved ones. Research is finding that veterans who experience TBIs and PTSD are at risk for cognitive problems later in life. As veterans who served in conflicts from World War II to the...

Senior Living Options for Veterans

There are 3 types of senior living for Veterans Community Nursing Homes State Veterans Homes Medical Foster Homes Community Nursing Homes are places for Veterans to live and receive care 24/7. The VA will pay for this care if you meet eligibility criteria involving...

Taking Control of Finances For Aging Parents

When your aging parent is no longer able to keep track of bills, investments and money management, someone else must step in. Often the parent has appointed an adult child or other relative to do the job. 3 mistakes to avoid Mistake #1: Failure to communicate. Most...

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