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The Parent Projects Podcast

Working through the most difficult projects of our lives together.

About Parent Projects

You’ve got a life, and places to be. You have work, your own commitments and limited free time. You just can’t spend a month packing and sorting. But this is the parent who bandaged your knees and cleaned you up…like the time you threw up on the bed spread. Face it, guilt will play a role. Will you and your siblings get together and get along long enough to accomplish everything that needs to be done? Like cleaning out your parent’s garage. Doesn’t that sound fun? Here’s what we know for sure…10 out of 10 people have had a parent, and they’re blessed if they still do. So consider yourself blessed!

Your Parent Projects Podcast focuses on the issues that push you into advocating for family, working through the transitions of your aging parents; Distance, Disability, Debt, Divorce, Death and Downsizing. It’s your project, but we’re here to help.

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Tony Siebers


Communication Styles That Could Divide

There are recurring conversations that aging parents and their adult children may have. And during these conversations, it may seem to the kids that they are speaking with the best of intentions. These talks often result in parents shutting down or telling their kids...

5 Stages of Alzheimer’s

These 5 stages of Alzheimer's can help you understand and prepare you for what to expect. Preclinical Alzheimer's Usually identified only in research settings. You won't notice symptoms during this stage. This stage of Alzheimer's can last for years, possibly even...

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