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Focusing industry experts on the most difficult projects in our lives.

About Parent Projects

As our parents age, they often face a life transition due to changing health needs, finances, downsizing or end of life. As children, these transitions become our Parent Projects.  

Most people become family caregivers with little to no knowledge or firsthand experience. Assuming responsibility for care planning, legal and financial issues, and managing age-related health conditions—all while juggling your own life—is enough to make any caregiver think “what have I gotten myself into?”

Parent Projects™ Podcast is a resource of stories, interviews and tips to help families replace the guilt and fear with love and laughter.

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Why are They Considering a Medicaid Divorce?

Medicaid divorce is the dissolution of a marriage in which one spouse requires long-term care. Medicaid divorce is intended to protect assets for the non-applicant spouse, also called the healthy spouse or community spouse. By divorcing, a healthy spouse may be able...

Managing an Aging Parent’s Money

When we think about those struggling with finances, we usually picture recent college graduates and young adults. Yet 60% of seniors are working into retirement because they can’t afford to retire. It’s important to understand the most effective ways to assist your parents and avoid setting back your own finances.

Gifts for Seniors for Healthy Living

If you’re shopping for a beloved senior in your life, look for a present that can make daily life easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Here’s a guide to gifts for seniors that encourage both healthy living and fun times.   A Medical Alert System. Prioritize a...

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