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Taking that first step is everything...

Parent Projects Connect™

An industry-leading app that enables you to organize and manage an aging parent’s situation as a family.

Verified Business Network

Annually vetted business directory to deliver confidence to families who engage age-friendly businesses.

Compassionate Concierge

Our expert advice and support solution from a live concierge, offered free to patrons by appointment.

Video Article Library

A curated online resource organizing all things related to helping a family advocate for an aging parent.

Connecting Aging Families


As your projects pick up, there is little room for doing things twice.

Parent Projects personalizes content, resources, tutorials, and vendor recommendations for your situation and helps you make the most of every minute regardless of what stage you are in.


Gathering facts & critical documents


Collecting family expectations & goals


What to discuss with your family


Step-by-Step work plan for the project


Finding age-friendly contractors (if needed)

Not sure where to start…

That’s Where

Brand Identifier

Can Help

A concierge on-call…

“If you’ve seen one parent project, you’ve seen one parent project”…which is to say, that sometimes the ear and guidance of an expert can help us find, and make, that first step.

After collecting some basic information about your project, a gerontologist can help you clarify important tasks to focus on first.  They can help simplify communication with stakeholders and learning. Finally, they can recommend verified senior businesses you may need to support your project, providing the right business at the right time.

Find local services…

Parent Projects™ knows that trying to research local service providers who understand the challenges of helping older Americans and their caretaking can trust is a daunting, time consuming task.

We want to make it easier for caregivers to connect with professionals in your area who are “age-friendly” and commit a portion of their business to the unique needs of aging families. We’ve done the research for you and compiled top providers in your area, grouped by location and service category.

Featuring Our Latest “Verified” Affiliates

Relevant video articles…

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…and expert voices

CarePlanner for just $8/mo

after a FREE Trial


what needs to be done and in what order.

After reflecting on some basic onboarding questions, this web application clarifies which parent projects and related tasks you should consider based on the collected knowledge of hundreds of local businesses across more than 70 industries.


communication with the care team.

Parent Projects™ Connect guides you and your invited family members through your project with a growing library of video tutorials and related resources to keep things moving smoothly. It’s a single, safe, and simplified place to hold family conversations, share confidential information and track the progress of your growing to-do list regarding your loved ones’ transition.


the businesses that you hire are age-friendly. 

You may not have time to screen the dozens of companies and professionals that you may need to depend on. Our vendors are verified annually for safety and professional standards to ensure they understand the challenge of family caretaking and the need for a “no-pressure” sales environment.

Your first step is to try us for 30 days

The Parent Projects web-tool and social communities are risk-free with our money-back guarantee.