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Military Funeral Honors FAQs

Military Funeral Honors FAQs

Who is eligible for Military Funeral Honors? Members who died while on active duty. Veterans who served and were honorably discharged. Certain civilian groups who have been given active-duty determinations may also be eligible. What do Military Funeral Honors consist...

Arizona Veterans and Access to Health Care

Arizona Veterans and Access to Health Care

According to the budget the VA submitted in May, the 2022 funding represents a 10% increase over 2021. More than $30 billion will be devoted to various types of infrastructure updates and modernization. The VA estimates there are 19.2 million veterans worldwide. As of...

Veteran Elder Care Support Programs

Veteran Elder Care Support Programs

In your role as guardian to an aging loved one, you may have heard about two programs that can reduce healthcare costs and stabilize an aging parent. The Department of Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance benefit and Medicaid waiver programs. The Veterans Affairs Aid...

Taking Control of Finances For Aging Parents

Taking Control of Finances For Aging Parents

When your aging parent is no longer able to keep track of bills, investments and money management, someone else must step in. Often the parent has appointed an adult child or other relative to do the job. 3 mistakes to avoid Mistake #1: Failure to communicate. Most...



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Why do we verify businesses?

It’s a matter of Trust.

Parent Projects™ is on a mission to connect family, friends and professional “advocates of the aged” with “verified” businesses and resources that focus on the complexities of aging. From downsizing Dad, to dealing with the impacts on an aging family member caused by distance, divorce, disability, or a death.

We verify so you understand that they know how to work with you. We provide the peace of mind, accountability and structure to move through your parent project with confidence even from a distance.

Through your advocate family membership, our SeniorMoves Verified Business Network™ and the SeniorMoves Connect™ technology platform, we help you CLARIFY what needs to be done, SIMPLIFY communication with fellow advocates and professionals on your team and VERIFY the businesses you engage to assist.

The NOT SO Small Print…

Note From Our Editor

This is the Parent Projects Magazine. We’re glad you are here. First things first, You Are Not Alone.

You’re most likely here to advocate for a parent. Because last time you checked in on them (because you love them) you may have noticed they’re getting older and you know that you, your siblings, or family may have to step in. If not now, soon. You may even require professional help. 

As they say, “Knowledge is Power.” That’s where we come in. We have curated the articles, resources, and tools to help you find structure and accountability. For whatever you need, to get your loved one from Point A to Point B. No matter your situation.

It’s time for a Love Check.TM

Christine Leninger





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