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About Us

More than our parent’s problem, they’re our Parent Projects

So there we were…

After finding his own grandmother in a compromised home situation in 2015, our founder realized his calling was to develop a better marketplace for families advocating on a loved ones behalf and the businesses that wanted so desperately to provide a great customer experience to such a highly emotional project.  

By 2016 his firm (“SeniorMoves”) had been founded to provide senior move management services to the aged who were struggling to manage their own moves later in life.  While fulfilling work, the business model did not scale to service the average family and he started looking for a better solution.  In 2019 the atrocity of CoVid and subsequent government lockdowns unveiled a shared passion with a group of friends who desired a technology solution after having gone through the same stressful transition with their own family members.  That passion and clarity of purpose has resulted in Parent Projects offering a scaleable and affordable solution.

Our Vision

Safeguard the dignity of the aging with best practices support of our Members who advocate for them.

Forward Thinking

Reduce the number of aged who rely on government programs for their basic subsistence needs.

Problem Solvers

Connect Advocates of the Aged with businesses and resources at the right time.

Colaborative Approach

Reduce barriers of progress by using collaborative approaches and existing resources when possible.



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Parent Projects™

Parent Projects LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Family Media and Technology Group, Inc. (FamilyMTG).

Our passion is to connect family, friends & professional Advocates of the Aged™ to our “verified” senior-focused resources supported by timely and relevant content that safeguards dignity and privacy for all involved.

From finding a safer home for Dad to dealing with a pet, plumbing or property sale issue, Parent Projects helps members advocate for the aged in a privacy-first, dignified manner.