S2:E5 Michelle Riddle – Surviving Medical Debt

Nov 16, 2022

Parent Projects
Parent Projects
S2:E5 Michelle Riddle - Surviving Medical Debt

S2:E5 Michelle Riddle – Surviving Medical Debt

Michelle Riddle founded Complete Dignity in February 2015 with the purpose to assist, educate and navigate patients through the complicated and often intimidating world of healthcare. Michelle is a private, Board Certified Patient Advocate who serves families nationwide. She received her certificate in Patient Advocacy through the Cleveland State University School of Nursing. Michelle is also a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.
Featured in Arizona Attorney Magazine- Expert Guide 2020 in the Medical-Legal Consulting, Patient Advocate, and Insurance Claims Analysis categories. Founder and President of Arizona Associates of Patient Advocacy.

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00:10 - Today’s Episode
01:20 - Introduction to Michelle Riddle
03:10 - How Michelle become a advocate
10:51 - What is the importance of advocacy
23:35 - What are something the family can do?