Arizona Veterans and Access to Health Care

May 9, 2022 | DISTANCE | 0 comments

According to the budget the VA submitted in May, the 2022 funding represents a 10% increase over 2021. More than $30 billion will be devoted to various types of infrastructure updates and modernization.

The VA estimates there are 19.2 million veterans worldwide. As of 2017, Arizona is home to more than 500,000 veterans. The VHA website includes a page that estimates wait times for general health care appointments.

Veterans seeking benefits must go through the VBA, which is in charge of determining and allocating benefits. The VBA recently announced its strategy to address systemwide backlogs that have been exacerbated by the inclusion of “presumptives”

Entitlements are provided to veterans who served in areas where exposure to toxic environments. The VA stated that outpatient care provided in 2021 was at an “all-time high. More than any other time in the (VHA’s) 75 year history.”

As for staffing at the Phoenix VA Health Care System. More than 600 new (external) employees were hired in the past fiscal year. The VA also offers “same-day” services to those in need. 24/7 through the emergency department at the Phoenix VA, including treatment for injuries and mental health issues.

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