For many seniors, it can be difficult to stay positive and happy during this time.

To help seniors combat the isolation, lack of activity, and depression that might occur during the holidays, it’s important to stay educated and proactive.

1. Reminisce in a Positive Way

Memories of holidays past can drum up bad feelings during the holiday season for many seniors. Instead of dwelling on things that are now different, focus on all the good that has happened. Take out old pictures, sing old songs, and remind yourself what the holidays are all about.

2. Take Control of Finances

While it is common to feel like you need to spend a lot of money during the holiday season, that is a feeling that must be forgotten. Before you become over-stressed about the financial burden of the holidays, get ahead of the game by creating a budget and plan before the season hits.

 3. Get in the Spirit with Holiday Traditions

If you’re feeling the blues, try reminding yourself about the greater parts of the holiday season, like the food, decorations, and entertainment. Bake cookies and pies, watch your favorite holiday movies, make crafts, and hum along to your favorite holiday tunes.

Sometimes, participating in holiday activities can help not only get you in the spirit, but also become a time to connect with the people you love and make memories.

4. Be Honest and Talk It Out

It can be hard to admit when you have feelings of loneliness, depression, or are simply not feeling celebratory this holiday season. Talk about your feelings of isolation or loneliness with family, friends, caregivers, or even a licensed professional.

All of these people not only provide emotional support but also help you find solutions to the issues you are currently facing.

 5. Connect with Those Who Matter Most

For seniors having a difficult time, connecting with the people you love can be of tremendous help. Technology is a great way to stay connected with loved ones who don’t live nearby.

For those who are not able to see in person, set up a day and time of the week that works for both parties to speak on the phone.

By taking care of our senior loved ones, the holidays can be a time of celebration, love, and hope for everyone.

Thank you, Michelle Cemental of Caring Senior Services for this article

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Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash