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Share the impact of your elders on your life, earn a scholarship with your story.

Parent Projects Scholarship
Our Vision

To bring “confidence in family care-taking“.

Our Mission

Parent Projects purpose is to create a positive and material impact on families by reducing barriers to safe living environments for older adults. 

We are interested in finding out how students themselves, or someone they know, had the opportunity in improving an older adult’s living environment, as well as how their experience impacted their approach on helping others.


Scholarship Criteria

  • Minimum GPA: None
  • Need-based: No
  • Residency: Arizona residents and non-Arizona residents
  • Enrollment Status: Full-time
  • Location: US Residents only
  • Academic level:
    • Incoming first year student
    • Incoming transfer (undergraduate)
    • First-year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Contacts us for more information:

Parent Projects
1475 N Scottsdale Rd suite 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Parent Projects awards four (4) $500 scholarships annually; two (2) in the Fall and two (2) in the Spring. We will be awarding one (1) from personal experience stories and one (1) from working in the industry with senior adults.


  • Complete a 400 – 500-word essay about a situation where you had an opportunity to improve the living environment for an older adult 65+ and how did that experience impact you in helping others?
  • Include the following information at the top of your essay.
    • Name
    • School/College you’re attending or have been accepted
    • Phone number
    • School Email address
  • Provide a picture with, or of, the older adult 65+ you impacted.
  • Provide a recent picture of you.
  • Follow us on Social Media.