The facts are clear: you are likely to have a Baby Boomer parent or grandparent, or you’re a Boomer yourself. We know this group is going to need help, and the family support system will likely need a backup.

That’s what we’re here for.

But just in case you haven’t heard, here are 5 reasons why your parents might end up moving in with you – and what to do next.

Senior Moves can connect you to solutions at no charge. We help you find:

  • Trained and certified Senior Move Managers who do all the moving work and planning
  • Real estate agents who are educated in the field and know the special needs of families dealing with downsizing
  • Business valuation services
  • Vetted estate sale companies
  • Bonded, licensed and insured moving companies
  • Communities for your parent

Plus, your team can be assembled from anywhere in the United States. Questions? Book A Chat