Who is eligible for Military Funeral Honors?

  • Members who died while on active duty.
  • Veterans who served and were honorably discharged.
  • Certain civilian groups who have been given active-duty determinations may also be eligible.

What do Military Funeral Honors consist of?

A minimum of a two-person military service detail who provide the three core elements of the playing of Taps, the folding of the flag, and the flag presentation.

Who receives the burial flag?

The VA authorizes only one flag, and the order of precedence is surviving:

  • spouse
  • children according to age
  • parents
  • brothers or sisters
  • uncles or aunts
  • nephews or nieces
  • others such as cousins or grandparents.

How can Military Funeral Honors be requested?

Families of eligible veterans may request Funeral Honors through their funeral director.

The funeral director will contact the appropriate Military Funeral Honors coordinator to arrange for the Funeral Honors detail.

Families in possession of their veteran loved ones cremated remains may contact the appropriate Military Funeral Honors coordinator to assist in arranging honors.

How to acquire the necessary documentation for Honors.

You may submit a request following the guidance on the Veterans Service Records website.

There are specific Emergency Requests and Deadlines procedures for those who need a replacement DD Form 214 in order to schedule Funeral Honors.

How much do Military Honors cost?

This ceremony is provided to eligible veteran’s families by the Department of Defense at no cost to the family.

How do I request a grave headstone, marker, or medallion?

The VA furnishes a government headstone, marker, or medallion at no charge. Your funeral director or cemetery representative will assist you with ordering.


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