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Let’s get real for a minute…

In Ashton Applewhite’s captivating manifesto, she focuses on the subject of age-biased, which she refers to as Ageism. What is one thing that every person is going to become? Older. So let’s get real for a moment! It just so happens that the longer people live, the less they fear dying. It turns out that people are actually the happiest at the beginnings and end of their lives. Applewhite calls this the U-curve of happiness. 

So why is it so hard to cope with aging? Because of age-biased or as Ashton calls it; ageism—discriminating and stereotyping on the basis of age. Older people can be the most ageist of all. While internalizing these messages for decades, few have thought to challenge them. The feelings towards aging greatly depend on our society’s popular opinions. 

How do we fix it? We don’t. Aging is not a problem to fix or a disease to cure! It is a natural, powerful and normal lifelong process that unites us all. With a positive outlook on aging, it has been seen that you will be healthier and even live longer. This is because they do not forget their sense of purpose. 

By building a better place to grow old in, we create longevity, that is here to stay. A movement to end Age-Bias is underway… Consider joining us.