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Parent Projects™ Verification Terms & Conditions of Use

Effective date: June 1, 2023

PPI Verification Application Terms & Conditions

1. The Applicant, also referred to as the (“Applicant” or “Business”) is seeking to become a “Verified” business resource of the Parent Projects Verified Business Network (herein “VBN”) for the purpose of preferential exposure to their Members.

2. The Applicant certifies that all responses and information submitted to Parent Projects is valid, true and correct and that the Applicant understands and agrees that Parent Projects may rely on all such information when considering the selection of the Business as a “Verified” Business to their Members.

3. The Applicant understands, and agrees, that Parent Projects may contact references, confirm information and investigate any information relating to the Applicant at the sole discretion of Parent Projects, and that the results of such references, confirmations and investigations may be shared freely and without restriction to Parent Projects and its Members.

4. Unless being sponsored by a Parent Projects Verified Business Network, the Applicant agrees to submit with this application, a $160.00 non-refundable Application Fee to cover administrative costs of verification.

5. The Applicant understands that they must also select a monthly Verified Business subscription level (i.e. “Verified Business”, “Verified Partner”, etc.) which they will not be charged for until the verification application process is completed successfully. The Applicant however, will be enrolled in a Free Basic Business Membership at the time of application to allow temporary access to the ParentProjects.com community.

6. The Applicant understands that once Parent Projects verifies the Applicant, such verification will remain in full force until the earlier of: (a) a material change in the Applicants business practice/structure; or (b) one year (365 days) from their Application Date, after which time the Business is required to re-verify with the program (i.e. annual verification).

7. The Applicant agrees that submission of their Application constitutes acceptance of all Terms & Conditions of the program provided herein. Furthermore, a breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in immediate separation from the program. The Business may be asked to re-verify at any time on a case-by-case basis in the event Parent Projects learns that operating conditions have materially changed for the Business.

8. Acceptance by Parent Projects to the VBN allows the Applicant the following advantages: 

      • Applicant will receive Parent Project’s highest recommendation to its Members; 

      • Professional Entities are entitled to licensed use of the Parent Projects™ brand as well as “Verified” shield which will be provided in common form upon acceptance into the program;

      • Applicant will have the opportunity to educate Parent Projects staff and SeniorMoves Experts about their products/services as well as optimal sales processes for their industry;

      • Once completed, Parent Projects will place an entity-provided link on the ParentProjects.com website (e-magazine) to the Businesses webpage of choice;

      • Applicant will receive the opportunity to grow their customer base through social engagement opportunities with Parent Projects Members online and offline; and

       • “Partner” level Businesses will be included in the exclusive SeniorMoves Connect™ platform for the duration of their verification period.

9. In exchange, a Business accepted to the Verified Business Network agrees that: 

      • Parent Projects’ Members will receive services that shall be performed to the highest quality and in a professional manner, and that all goods/services supplied shall be of the highest quality;

      • If notified of any deficiency, whether orally or in writing, Applicant will, at their own cost, immediately take whatever steps are necessary to attempt to rectify such deficiency to their industries standard;

      • Throughout the term that the Applicant is “Verified”, it will maintain, in full force and effect, such policies of insurance as are necessary to hold Parent Projects, LLC harmless and fully indemnified from any liability arising from services performed or goods supplied including, but limited to: Workman’s Compensation Insurance, to the statutory limit required. (for more information:  https://www.azica.gov/how-do-i);

      • Comprehensive General Liability and Property Damage Insurance in an amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) or greater; Automobile Insurance (if applicable) in an appropriate amount; and/or such other insurance coverage in such amount as is customary for the industry in which the Applicant operates; and

      • Upon request by Parent Projects the Business will cause a Certificate of Insurance to be issued in the name of “Parent Projects, LLC”. Such certificate shall specifically state the risks covered and amounts thereof as well as the fact that such insurance may not be cancelled or amended without the prior written consent of the certificate holder. 

10. Applicant shall, at all times, comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and all lawful orders and guidelines of any duly constituted authority, and shall provide Parent Projects with proof of current and accurate licensing as a business within the State of Arizona; 

11. Parent Projects shall be entitled to rely on the representations and warranties given by any person or persons named in the application for Verified Business’ status.

12. Acceptance by Parent Projects as a Verified Business shall indemnify and forever hold Parent Projects LLC and SeniorMoves Connect™ harmless from or against any claims asserted by, or any liability to, any person or entity resulting from or arising out of the Applicant’s negligent acts or omissions in connection with the performance of its services or the provision of goods. 

13. The nature of service, scope and contract payment terms are dependent upon the terms negotiated separately between the Applicant and any mutual Member. While SeniorMoves Experts may demonstrate knowledge of Verified Business pricing structures or quotes, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to execute any contract(s) and ensure the Member and/or Advocates understand the terms in line with our community standards.

14. The parties hereto agree that nothing contained in this Application shall be construed as creating an exclusive relationship between the parties. 

15. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice. However, If terminated by the Applicant all fees due are non-refundable. If terminated by Parent Projects, all outstanding fees will be prorated back to the Applicant. NOTE: If you need assistance filling out this application, or if you have questions regarding requirements, please contact us at (480) 378-3787 or in writing to: Verified@ParentProjects.com via email.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on June 1, 2023.