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Studio apartments are most often linked to young adults without children. But there is another generation that is now choosing studio apartments. With the senior population on the rise, it is time to take a look at how to downsize and live well in a studio apartment.

The Benefits.

Many seniors are not able to maintain and afford larger units for an extended period of time. Studio senior apartments are much more affordable and can help extend private pay finances.

The main benefit of studio apartments for seniors is reducing the number of belongings and the costs associated with maintaining a home, such as lawn care. The many opportunities for socializing, relationship building, engaging activities, and having lower overall housing costs are some of the additional benefits of senior community living.

Decreasing Space, Increasing Life.

A community’s location and lack of things to “deal with” provide many residents a high quality of life. Seniors have expressed enjoyment in having great meals provided and not needing to cook. Living in a community with great outdoor spaces can also provide many activities for seniors to participate if they choose. Seniors and their families can have that peace of mind knowing their loved one will receive the necessary care and support when needed.

What is Important to You?

Determine what is important to you and your loved one. Is it safety, quality care, or that the community staff loves your parent like family? Make it a priority to then go see the studio apartment. It might be shocking how small the place can be but remember why your loved one needs a senior community in the first place.

Ways to Maximize and Love that Smaller Space.

Start by picking a color scheme and get some fun art. Be creative with wall shelving and make use of every corner. Find furniture that doubles as storage and a comfy twin-sized bed. Obtaining the studio apartment floor plan with dimensions will greatly help outline what is necessary for your loved one to bring with them and what can be passed along to family.

Bottom Line.

Making the decision to move a loved one into a senior living community and a smaller studio apartment is hard but get creative to help make this smaller place one in which they can thrive. Focus on viewing the whole community as their home. With less stuff and “home” to deal with, more attention can be placed on your loved one living and enjoying a better quality of life.


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