Keeping Independent As Long As Possible

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1. Make modifications to the home

For seniors living in their own homes, simple modifications can help keep the environment safe.

Tripping hazards like loose rugs or slick bathrooms can pose a falling risk.

Securing rugs and putting a special bathing chair in the bathtub can make the home much safer.

2. Simplify complex medical needs

Often, seniors must enter assisted living or a nursing home because of medical needs.

When they have complex medical needs, without help some seniors will improperly take or mix up medications or miss their doctor’s appointments.

Invest in a Personal Emergency Response System, a device that can alert emergency personnel in case of emergencies.

3. Stay emotionally healthy

It’s just as important to stay socially engaged and productive as it is to take care of physical needs.

Isolation is a leading cause of depression for many seniors.

Encourage seniors to learn to use social media or online video calls to stay in touch.

Make regular visits to your aging loved ones.

4. Other resources for seniors

There are numerous programs designed to help aging adults. Ranging from adult day services, transportation assistance, legal assistance and more.

One of the most important things you can do is to listen to their needs and feelings about the lifestyle that is important to them and what their own concerns are.

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