With several key players throughout a senior relocation project, it’s vital to ensure everyone protects the seniors’ best interest. Adhering to a code of ethics holds the mix of service providers accountable, keeping the family in control, and their hope alive.

Hope – the first level of SeniorMoves’ code of ethics – allows seniors to step out of their comfort zones and regain control. Our Senior Advocates are trained to help their clients understand the bigger picture; the end goal of their move; their “why” in the winter of their life.

But what happens when you don’t know your direction? When hope has fallen short?

When someone lacks hope, they become fearful. They focus on every unnerving factor, as opposed to only those which concern them. They may become quiet and reclusive, since they’re not sure how else to act. They’re unsure of who they are and lose their purpose, causing their quality of life to degrade as a whole.

A commendable code of ethics provides service providers with the proper tools so they can guide seniors toward creating their own vision for the future, independently.

People are able to handle pain and difficulty once they see and understand what awaits them at the horizon. Senior Advocates help seniors define their own horizon in a safe and comfortable environment. Never forget, the senior is always the number one priority and recognizing their wants and desires is the first step in showing you how to help them focus on what they can look forward to. In other words, it’s the first step in helping them achieving hope.

Soon, seniors realize the impossible is actually possible, and they regain control of their decisions and their lives. SeniorMoves.org serves to establish stronger bonds between not only families, but communities.

You can learn more about Senior Moves and our efforts to help seniors and the relocation process at www.seniormoves.org, and stay tuned to our blog to learn the next steps in our code of ethics.

SeniorMoves takes the stress and intimidation out of senior relocation.  Families working through this highly emotional transition can find a way ahead using our educational and self-help downsizing guides found at SeniorMoves.org.  Through the SeniorMoves Verified Vendors Program, families can access the pre-screened contractors they need with the financial and personal safety peace-of-mind their families deserve.  SeniorMoves.org is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, offering trained, insured and bonded relocation management experts throughout the country.  Call 480.757.5750  today to be connected with a qualified Senior Move Manager in your area.”