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If you’re shopping for a beloved senior in your life, look for a present that can make daily life easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Here’s a guide to gifts for seniors that encourage both healthy living and fun times.


A Medical Alert System.

Prioritize a system that has a smartphone app that allows remote caregivers to access real-time information about their loved ones.


A Massager.

Consider back massage chair cushions, which are available with a variety of health-promoting features and muscle benefits.


Pickleball Equipment.

Pickleball is quickly becoming a favorite sport among seniors, because it has simple rules, is easier on the joints and requires little equipment


A Book Club for Two.

Gift your favorite senior a book that you can read at the same time or watch the same movie, even if you’re unable to physically be together.


Arthritis Gloves.

If arthritis in the hands is holding a senior back from enjoying daily activities, a pair of arthritis gloves could be a helpful gift.


A Raised Gardening Box.

A raised gardening box brings flower and vegetable growing to waist height so seniors don’t have to bend over to tend to their plants.


Pedal Exerciser.

A portable pedal exerciser is a versatile and inexpensive piece of exercise equipment. It can be used on the floor to exercise legs and on a table to exercise arms.


New Bathing Equipment.

A shower head adds the flexibility to shower while seated, which boosts safety and convenience. You could also opt for a foot bath. With age, it can become harder to reach one’s feet.


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