Wait! Don’t throw that old stuff out before you know the value!

Hidden Valuables In Your Home


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Are you planning on cleaning out the basement, garage or attic before you move? Well, don’t throw that stuff away before you know what it’s worth. You could be missing out on thousands of dollars!

SeniorMoves.org works with advocates and vendors to sort your estate. We’ve found some amazing things in those dusty boxes. Check out these surprising money makers:

  1. Vintage Tech, such as computers and old stereo equipment
  2. 1980s sneakers are in big demand
  3. Retro games, videos and cards
  4. Military items
  5. Religious artifacts
  6. Ephemera such as old maps, restaurant menus, and posters
  7. Costume jewlery (it might be real!)

Work with a certified Senior Moves manager or advocate to help get the value of those items before you make a costly mistake. Our services are free!

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