Episode 1 // Why a Code of Ethics Matters for Businesses Who Serve the Elderly.


“When the job ends, and our client feels proud of themselves for the process, we know our code of ethics didn’t fail us.”

On this SeniorMoves.org podcast, Chris interviews Tony Siebers, founder of SeniorMoves.org, about how a code of ethics communicates the values his organization uses when serving seniors and their families during a vulnerable transition time.

In this episode, Tony talks about the value proposition of a Code of Ethics for any company serving an at-risk population. He also explains how SeniorMoves.org centers their business around the values of Hope, Empowerment and Dignity in a cohesive way. Finally, he offers some advice on what to watch out for in companies that may not prioritize ethics in their business.

Listen to the podcast to discover the 3 levels of the code of ethics.

You can find more about us and how we help seniors and their families through the relocation process at www.seniormoves.org and stay tuned to the blog where we’ll explore this topic further.

Next Month: Keep your eyes out for next month’s topic, where we cover the impact of sibling dynamics on senior relocation and provide some effective strategies to deal with sibling conflict when downsizing or relocating Mom or Dad.

“SeniorMoves takes the stress and intimidation out of senior relocation.  Families working through this highly emotional transition can find a way ahead using our educational and self-help downsizing guides found at SeniorMoves.org.  Through the SeniorMoves Verified Vendors Program, families can access the pre-screened contractors they need with the financial and personal safety peace-of-mind their families deserve.  SeniorMoves.org is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, offering trained, insured and bonded relocation management experts throughout the Phoenix-Metro area.  Call 480.757.5750  today to be connected with a qualified Senior Move Manager in your area.”


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