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One of the top reasons a Member reaches out is to advocate for an aged loved one who has taken a spill and suddenly is unable to find safety in their old living environment.

Our community provides a network of resources to help Members find a way forward based on facts and best practices over guessing. From senior-safe home assessments to family care-giving groups, let's work together to build safer living environments for the aged.


Whether managing a project from across town or across state lines, the distance between us creates lots of space for "assumptions" which plague our projects.

Our community wants to help you manage your situation in a way that takes advantage of time-tested and developing technological ideas for reducing the impact of being apart from those we care about.


The loss of a loved one in itself is an emotional event, but add the complexity of working through a relocation, and we see high opportunities for fraud, manipulation and fear-based decisions.

Our community wants to be a stable source of focused resources to help one another find a place of peace and gather advice on how to move forward reasonably in the face of a loss.


Few things undermine a successful project than a clear understanding of finances...which is usually the case.

Late life transitions are usually tied to a fixed budget.  We are always on the lookout for ways to stay in front of debt issues and how to help our members advocate for others who must cope with the reality of living life on a fixed income that eventually may likely run dry.


Simply put, divorce sucks!  We've been there and see that love and sex are still wide-awake in the American aged, so this is a judgment-free zone.

Our community is most interested in helping advocates understand the complexities a late-in-life divorce plays on financial planning and emotional capability to complete a SeniorMove.


Technically, it means to "make smaller" but our Guests and Members would usually agree that the concept is anything but "small".

Our community wants to help you efficiently understand the basic tenets involved and a method to tackle these projects that yields; effective results at a reasonable expense and use of valuable time.

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Communication Styles That Could Divide

There are recurring conversations that aging parents and their adult children may have. And during these conversations, it may seem to the kids that they are speaking with the best of intentions....

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