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The fact is, seniors living alone in their 70s and beyond may keep serious problems to themselves because they don’t want to worry you or feel like a burden.

On your next visit, look for these clues that can help you determine if you need to step in or seek for help. 


Mail is piling up, garden not attened to, laundry all over the place, house doesn’t look good, and family member might look pale and not eating or taking medication as they should. 


Charred pots and pans, and burned stove and countertops. Expiered food can signal problems with regular grocery shopping and good nutrition. 

Other areas:

Unfilled prescriptions or chaotic medicine assortments can suggest needed treatments are being missed or a potential drug mix-up. Bruses can signal bumping into furniture or falling. Off moods and behavior can signal if there us something wrong and your missing. 

Seek help when you first feel uneasy.