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Getting rid of old goods is a great way to feel refreshed and invite more freedom into your life. Here are 10 reasons why downsizing is an important step to take for yourself and for others, too!

1. It can help you prepare for a future move.

If you’re considering moving into an Assisted Living or Independent Living facility, downsizing your existing home can help make that transition much smoother.

2. It can help you make room for assistive devices and other home modifications.

If your home will need a bath installation, guardrails and other adjustments for better mobility, removing extra furniture, foliage and unused merchandise can help make these home modifications a breeze.

3. Downsizing can help make room for a live-in family member or caregiver.

4. It can benefit those in need in your community.

Unused goods, especially unwanted appliances, old furniture and other household items are always welcome at local shelters, furniture banks, group homes, churches and crisis centers.

5. It makes housecleaning a breeze.

6. You can earn extra money.

7. It can help keep your home safe.

Moving out home furnishings can help open up tight hallways and living spaces.

8. Your home will look better (and bigger).

9. You will have more space for company.

10. Letting go of things will feel better.

It can be difficult to detach yourself from things you’ve owned for many years, but you may feel better knowing that an unused item is living out its intended purpose in the hands of someone in need.

Thank you to Senior Directory, and The Bridge at Ooltewah for this article.

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