2024 Age-Friendly Business Summit

Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 8-9, 2024



Registration opens soon!

Our largest national event of the year, and we are just getting started! This inaugural summit event caps off a week of exciting activities for Family Media & Technology Group and the Parent Projects Institute.

Conference attendees will have two full days of leading-edge panel discussions, cultivated experiences and ample opportunity to connect with staff, shareholders, colleagues, speakers and event sponsors.

What We Bring To The Table

Upcycle Your Content

Curated collection of video content promoting your expertise to families who advocate for an aging parent.

Verified Business Network

Annually vetted business directory to deliver confidence to families who engage age-friendly businesses.

Parent Projects Podcasts

Engaging and informative interviews with industry experts who breakdown barriers to aging as a family.

Pipeline ReNurturing

An industry-leading A.I. platform that organizes family situations and returns them to you at just the right time.


Accelerate Your Brand VAlue

with a little help from Parent Projects

Parent ProjectS Institute can help with:

3rd Party Verification of your business's identity & comittment to the senior living and senior services niche's;

Front-row access to data-driven, best-practices and professional development to shape how your industry serves this niche;

Turn-key A.I. Platform to nurture potential clients that have become stuck in your pipeline and return them to you at the RIGHT time;

Increased exposure of your brands and ideas with big-play media campaigns & a national platform and special events.

Another Way

Brand Identifier

Can Help

2023 Membership Options

Aging clients don’t want to be our products, they need our expertise on their terms and timing.”

The Next Steps…


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