List of VBN Verification Data

Business Information:

  • Legal Entity Name
  • Tax ID (EIN)
  • Business Description
  • Admin Point of Contact Name
  • Admin Point of Contact Email
  • AdminPoint of Contact Phone
  • Customer Service Point of Contact
  • Customer Service Point of Contact Title
  • Customer Service Phone
  • Local Filed Office Address

Markets and Socials:

  • What market do you serve (PHX East/PHX West)
  • What Industry and Service Category are you considered
  • Share with us your Social Media Pages
    • Yelp Address
    • Google Business Address
    • Facebook Address
    • BBB Address
    • Linkedin Address

Verification Documents:

    • Company Logo
    • Business License(s) and Permits supporting you can legally do business
    • Bonding /Insurance Coverage:
      • Bonds, E & O, Liability, etc.
    • Age-Friendly Business Processes
      • HR Policies (Background Checks and Drug Testing, Emergency Processes, etc.)
    • Any other industry specific age-friendly awards/achievements