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Emil Jimenez – Sourcing A-Players

Oct 14, 2023Podcast Media: Business In Focus


Emil Jimenez is an American-born, award-winning marketing expert and Founder of Mind Bank AI. He’s been an entrepreneur since 2009, running a successful marketing agency, and in 2020, Emil set out to produce the most transformational idea of his life—a digital platform that will allow humanity to go beyond their limits and live forever through data. What started as daddy’s quest for immortality has expanded into something bigger for humanity because the next personal computer is you.

Mind Bank AI is a personal, digital-twin platform that uses a simple chat interface and structured learning algorithms to give the user valuable insights into their cognitive, biometric, and genetic states. The digital twin learns by asking many questions while giving the user valuable insights into their personality and achieving immortality through data.


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00:00 – Intro

02:12 – Dashboard of Your Mind

11:41 – Mind Bank AI Ad

12:06 – What Makes Us, Us

15:08 – Sourcing

17:40 – Clients Info

20:31 – Humanize a Difficult Situation

21:51 – The Value of Authenticity

25:08 – Improvement Over Time

29:44 – Contact Mind Bank AI