Moving during the holidays can be a stressful situation, but it also sets you up for a fresh start at the beginning of the new year. Follow these 8 tips for a much smoother experience so you can still enjoy the Christmas season. 


Plan Your Calendar Early.

Look at your calendar well in advance and mark off dates of things you can’t change, like the end of your lease or your kids’ exam schedules.

Take Your Time Packing.

A move takes up a lot of time anyway, and you’re likely to be slowed down by other obligations, not to mention fun things that you want to do. As you work on your calendar, consistently schedule time to pack so the days don’t slip away, leaving you knee-deep in moving boxes.

Remember Daylight Savings.

Each day gets darker and darker leading up to the winter solstice, which usually occurs a few days before Christmas. Get an idea of your area’s usual sunset time so you know how much daylight you have to work with so you can avoid loading in the dark.

Create Multiple Budgets.

A local move averages around $500 for a one-bedroom apartment and you can expect those expenses to increase if you have a larger family. Create two separate budgets for both holiday spending and moving to make sure you’re not caught by surprise during the winter moving process.

Save Holiday Delivery Boxes.

You’re likely ordering more things online than usual this time of year. Saving those leftover boxes instead of chucking them can help keep your budget in check.

Donate to Those in Need.

Moving during the holidays is perhaps the best time to donate your unwanted possessions to your local charity thrift store. You’ll not only lighten your own load during your move, but you’ll also help families in need.

Schedule Utility Activation.

A night without heat will not be comfortable when moving in the winter months. It’s more important than any other time of year to promptly schedule your utilities to be turned on.

Prepare for Inclement Weather.

Prepare for the worst by covering things like mattresses and sofas in case the weather takes a turn. A snowstorm doesn’t seem as scenic when you’re moving during the holidays so think ahead on how to keep your belongings safe. Budget your time and your money early on in the process when moving during the holidays. Also, take time for some self-care so that you’re ready to handle any unexpected surprises that may come your way.


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