Let’s Work Together

If your sales funnel is jammed with leads who are indecisive, costly and need information to value your services, our Verified Business Network™ is for you!

Streamline Your Sales Process

  • We meet the family upstream of your services.
  • We educate and focus Clients on the right task at the right time using cultivated resources from subject matter experts.

  • When ready for your service, we provide Clients your information.

Business Subscription Options


Verified Partners

(*$120/yr + $90/mo)

Verified Practitioners

(*$120/yr + $90/mo)

Licensed Use of "Verified" Shield & Annual Certificate*
Listing on ParentProjects.com
VBN Networking & In Person Events
"Up-cycled" Article/Blog Post
Blog Post About Your Company
Parent Projects Podcast Interview
Listing in SeniorMoves™ Platform

 *Annual Re-verification Required.