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#25 | Teri Dreher | Influence Your Aging Parents

Feb 3, 2023

Parent Projects - Aging In America
Parent Projects - Aging In America
#25 | Teri Dreher | Influence Your Aging Parents

Today’s discussion is with Registered Nurse and pioneer Healthcare Advocate, Teri Dreher. Together, we plan to breakdown how we can communicate with our parents, express concern, and ultimately motivate them to improve their lifestyles as they age without causing more problems, drama, or resistance.

Teri, an RN with 36 years of experience, has always been passionate about keeping the patient at the center of the nursing care model. This passion led her to form North Shore Patient Advocates, LLC in 2011. NSPA is one of the first organizations of its kind in Chicagoland.

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00:00 – Intro

01:10 – Introduction To Teri Dreher

03:11 – Teri Dreher’s Story

12:42 – How to Start the Conversation with their Parents

24:57 – Parent Projects Connect

26:27 – Advocacy for Seniors 


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