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#74 | Joyce Petrowski | What is Senior Fraud?

May 10, 2024

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#74 | Joyce Petrowski | What is Senior Fraud?



Joyce Petrowski is the Founder and Executive Director of the Arizona non-profit Resources & Outreach to Safeguard the Elderly (R.O.S.E.). Joyce is a public accountant by trade and an avid volunteer and philanthropist by calling, which brought her into the non-profit sector in 2014 when she recognized the need for public education on financial scams, especially those targeting the elderly. Today, she leads a team who share her calling and, together, through advocacy and education, they are on a mission to prevent financial exploitation and defrauding of the elderly. We’ll be discussing efforts to help you increase awareness of the current scams and how to respond if they strike your loved one, and then arm you with the right tools and resources to share with your friends and family.


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00:00 – Intro

00:13 – Welcome to the Show

00:56 – What is ROSE?

02:34 – Major Scams Right Now

10:34 – Scammers Use Emotions

15:38 – AI in Scams

18:19 – Romance Scams

22:03 – Healthy Skepticism

24:45 – Where to Find Joyce

26:11 – Outro

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