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#38 | Jim Taylor | The Shifting Landscape

Jun 12, 2023

Parent Projects - Aging In America
Parent Projects - Aging In America
#38 | Jim Taylor | The Shifting Landscape



Today, we are kicking off Alzheimer’s Awareness month by talking with Jim and Geri Taylor, founders of Voices for Alzheimer’s. Come and listen to their story and experiences to help you better prepare and understand the effect Alzheimer’s has on the person and their families. Learn to love and laugh with us.


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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Welcome to the Show
02:13 – Introduction to Jim & Geri Taylor
04:25 – Jim & Geri’s Call to Action
10:52 – The Financial Side of Alzheimer
15:28 – Voices of Alzheimer
21:01 – Geri’s Perspective
23:47 – How to Prepare for the End of Life
27:20 – How do You Talk to Your Kids About Alzheimer’s?
30:52 – Advice for Families
38:52 – ComForCare Ad
39:53 – Key Points
45:46 – Support Group for the Alzheimer Patient
47:51 – How did Jim Respond?
51:09 – Early Detection

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