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#75 | Heather Susman | How to Combat Loneliness

May 17, 2024

Parent Projects - Aging In America
Parent Projects - Aging In America
#75 | Heather Susman | How to Combat Loneliness



Heather has been working with veterinarians for over a decade and has the insight and knowledge of how pets/animals can bring joy and companionship to people who may be living alone and/or the elderly.


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00:00 – Intro

00:06 – Welcome to the Show

02:57 – Benefits of Having an Animal Companion

06:56 – Heather’s Call to Action

09:01 – Where to Start Looking for Your Animal Companion

10:29 – What to Do When We Can’t Take Care of Our Pet

12:18 – Benefits of Mobile Services

14:30 – Final Thoughts

15:49 – Outro

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