#78 | Dr. Johanna Richey | How Do I Know If My Parents Are At Risk For Falls?

Jun 21, 2024

Parent Projects - Aging In America
Parent Projects - Aging In America
#78 | Dr. Johanna Richey | How Do I Know If My Parents Are At Risk For Falls?



Dr. Johanna Richey’s current practice is a mix of clinical and didactic teaching to students at Midwestern University and with residents across the country. She also coordinates and leads research projects on campus with her students and collaboratively with surgeons in their community. Dr. Johanna Richey’s current areas of interest include Medical Education, Podiatric Surgery, Foot and Ankle Trauma, Geriatrics, Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Regenerative Therapy, and Arthroscopy. When it comes to patient care, she wants to provide empathy and compassion with high-quality care that is centered in evidence-based medicine. Dr. Johanna Richey is inquisitive by nature and enjoys teaching both patients and students about the mechanics of the foot and how this leads to pathology and ultimately symptoms.



Podcast: “Dean’s Chat”


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00:00 – Intro

00:27 – Increased Foot Function Reduces Falls

02:06 – Communicating With Your Parents

07:55 – Dr. Richey’s Call to Action

09:47 – Dr. Richey’s Tips & Recommendation

18:27 – Final Thoughts

20:14 – Outro

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