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#55 | Dor Skuler | Balancing Time Through Technology

Nov 3, 2023

Parent Projects
Parent Projects
#55 | Dor Skuler | Balancing Time Through Technology



Dor Skuler has co-founded five ventures, the most recent being Intuition Robotics, following his passion to develop artificial intelligence-driven robotics that addresses major social issues of the 21st century, such as loneliness.




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00:00 – Intro

01:05 – Introduction to Dor

02:49 – Dor’s Call to Action

05:20 – The Approach

10:36 – ElliQ Ad

11:15 – What Dor has Learned from ElliQ

16:09 – Why Not Make It Human-like?

19:58 – How did You Land on Humor?

22:25 – Wrap Up

23:37 – Outro


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