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#29 | David MacMahan | Sibling Rivalry: How to Get a Fair Split

Mar 24, 2023

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#29 | David MacMahan | Sibling Rivalry: How to Get a Fair Split

David MacMahan is the founder and president of, a long-time entrepreneur, and someone who challenges the status quo. Over the past eleven years of working with families dividing estates, he is now widely recognized as the leading industry expert on estate division of personal property. He has personally helped navigate the family dynamics in hundreds of those divisions and has helped all involved understand the places heirs are coming from in unique family situations. He is often hired to serve as Administrator of the FairSplit process but also as an independent third-party mediator to help keep tensions down between family members and reduce the pressure on executors of the estate by providing that independent, third-party role who isn’t emotionally involved.

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00:00 – Intro

00:12 – Welcome to Parent Projects Podcast

01:14 – Introduction to David McMahan of Fairsplit

02:23 – How David Found His Calling

07:55 – Ad

09:28 – Things You can Do to Help Prepare for a Fair Split of Property

12:28 – FairSplit Article: 5 Tips to Dividing Your Family Estate Peacefully

15:34 – Determining the Value of the Estate

25:57 – Tour of Arizona Skysong Ad

27:30 – Wearing the Heir Hat

31:40 – Communicating with Your Family About the Estate

37:45 – Final Thoughts

40:27 – Outro

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