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#71 | Carla Sutter | How to File Advance Directives

Apr 12, 2024

Parent Projects - Aging In America
#71 | Carla Sutter | How to File Advance Directives



Carla Sutter holds her master’s degree in social work and has spent her 30-year career working with organizations who are dedicated to helping clients and families care for themselves and others whose needs are changing due to age or illness. She is a subject matter expert on end-of-life tools and conversations. Her present work at Contexture and the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry has her focused on engaging healthcare organizations, community agencies and Arizonans on enhancing goal concordant care through advance care planning conversations and the resulting advance directive documents.




Free Advance Care Directive Forms by State


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00:00 – Intro

00:25 – What is an Advance Care Directive?

04:11 – Carla’s Call to Action

06:03 – Choose Your Person

09:06 – Age Limit for Advance Directives

10:16 – How to File an Advance Directive

14:28 – What Does MY Person Need to Know

17:07 – Where to Keep These Documents

19:09 – Where to Contact Carla

19:42 – Outro


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