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From local help and advice to the latest news and communication tools to stay connected – bring your family together with the knowledge and businesses you need.



An curated online resource organizing all things related to helping a family advocate for an aging parent.


Verified Business Network

Annually vetted business directory to deliver confidence to families who engage age-friendly businesses.


Parent Projects Media Series

Engaging and informative interviews with industry experts who breakdown barriers to aging as a family.


Parent Projects Connect™

An industry-leading platform that empowers families to organize and manage a parent’s situation as a family.

A concierge on-call…

Parent Projects Connect™ is a consolidated step-by-step approach to managing your project. After collecting some basic information about your project, it clarifies important tasks and feed you tasks, tutorials & resources as you need them. It simplifies communication with stakeholders and learning. Finally, it verifies the businesses you may need to support your project, providing the right business at the right time.

Hear from expert voices…

Find local services…

Parent Projects™ knows that trying to research local service providers who understand the challenges of helping older Americans and their caretaking can trust is a daunting, time consuming task.

We want to make it easier for caregivers to connect with professionals in your area who are “age-friendly” and commit a portion of their business to the unique needs of aging families. We’ve done the research for you and compiled top providers in your area, grouped by location and service category.

Parent Projects LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Family Media & Technology Group, Inc.


Our passion at Parent Projects™ is delivering “relief in rightsizing” for aging families. Our private and effective Smart Platforms connect and share the right information, at the right time from age-friendly vendors that support you on your terms.


From finding a safer home for Dad to dealing with a pet, plumbing or property sale issue, Parent Projects helps members advocate for the aged in a privacy-first and healthy manner.

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