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Parent Projects
Parent Projects
Advice for Family Caregiving

As a family caregiver, doing the right thing and offering empowering support are driving principles to your service. However, family members are often frustrated in the day-to-day grind because of the ongoing demands of their own lives complicated by a lack of acknowledgment or appreciation. This can create feelings of isolation for the caregiver, and overtime could lead to depression which undermines the joy of aging together as a family.

Here are a 3 tips on how to begin lowering the risks of physical and mental exhaustion while preserving your family relationships:   

  1. Compartmentalize; deliberately set apart the time spent as the caretaker from time spent as a family. 
  2. Search for outside support; regularly spend time with others who have had or are having similar experiences. 
  3. Ensure balance in the relationship; consistently ask patients to give and not only receive…this is often their goal as well.  

A balanced relationship built on mutual support and mindfulness is key to thriving in a family caregiving arrangement.